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Routine Office Hours:

Monday       8:30-5:00

Tuesday      8:30-5:00

Wednesday 11:00-7:00

Thursday      8:30-5:00

Friday          8:30-5:00

Other hours available by arrangement.

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Position Statement on AHA Report

On April 18, 2012 the American Heart Association (AHA) presented a position paper which left the impression that treating disease in our mouth will not reduce a person's risk of heart attack, stroke, and vascular plaque buildup.

I feel their presentation of the data is confusing and offer an explanation of why the presence of certain high risk oral bacteria may be an often unrecognized contributor to vascular disease.  Optimally attending to our oral health may significantly reduce the risk of events and progression of existing disease, especially in those who have other cardiovascular risk factors.

For details, see my full position statement.

See information on optimal home oral care

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Welcome to Our 3rd Era Medical Practice!

Your health is your most valuable assetInvest in your health by joining us at Revolutionary Health Services  Our mission in our Direct Primary Care/Concierge practice is to give out patients the health, time, and peace-of-mind needed to add maximal value to their family and business.


By Joining the RHS Family You Get...



Your Quarterback

Patients are instructed to, “take control of your health”, not because you are the best one to do so, but because you are the only one who will.  We have the time and energy to truly be the quarterback of your healthcare team.  We know the players, we know the opposition of the disease and the healthcare system, and we develop the strategy in times of crisis.

Whether during a crisis or for ongoing needs,  you have the peace-of-mind that your team is communicating and acting on your behalf.  You and your family can spend your time recovering, supporting emotional needs, or attending to workplace duties… as you should.   

Your Advocate

Navigating the broken United States “sick”care system can take an advanced degree.   You will have a partner to navigate the system and fight the battles.  When you or a family member faces a health crisis the last thing you want to do is spend time and emotional energy fighting the system. 

You will have the time and emotional energy needed for your family and job.

Your Teacher

Our health is our most precious asset.  Medical diagnoses can be scary.  The internet in the hands of an intelligent non-medical person can lead to unnecessary fear and avoidance.  We have the time to explain what it happening to you, give context and perspective to minimize fear, and teach your role in health related needs.

Simple, understandable explanations significantly reduce fear in both patients and their family members.  Effective teaching improves outcomes because an informed patient understands why they are being asked to take a medicine and motivates them to make difficult lifestyle changes.  You worry less, are less distracted, and maximizes your performance at home and work. 

We have had many patients say that this value alone is worth participating in the practice. 

Your Friend

Our patients are our friends.  A friend knows you, knows about your family, knows your fears, knows what to say and what not to say, and comforts in times of need.  We often know more about you than other friends and family members do.

In medicine there are often multiple medically reasonable approaches to an individual situation.  The best path to take is based on patient personality, philosophical beliefs, family situation, health status and many other variables.  Only a health team that is your friend can offer the best advice.




Traditional insurance only pays a physician to see you in their office.  We are paid to take care of you in the best, most efficient manner that the situation and technology allows.  Some people always prefer a face-to-face conversation.  That will always be an option!

Imagine being able to: 

  • Text or email at 11pm if you have a question about something you just read or remember something you’ve been meaning to ask.
  • Call if you are sick with your annual sinus infection or urinary tract infection and don’t think you need to be seen.
  • Call at 2am if you are not sure whether or not you should go to the emergency room.
  • Tell your child away at college to call us to determine whether a trip to student health is necessary, and if a visit is made, whether the nurse practitioner’s advice seems appropriate. 

Appointment Flexibility

We offer evening, early morning, and weekend visits.  We can offer phone or Skype visits when appropriate, such as for reviewing results.

This minimizes your time away from work, family, or school. 

Specialty Collaboration

The current healthcare system steals a doctor’s time and financially incentivizes them to refer within the system which employs them.  We are able to:

  • refer you to the best option for your need whether it is local, in Philadelphia, or elsewhere.
  • Coordinate your referral by sending results to the specialist, communicate why we are asking you to be seen, and if needed, ask whether there are any additional tests needed prior to your visit.
  • Be your advocate to ensure you are seen in a reasonable timeframe.  If the first specialist is unable to accommodate, we will suggest a reasonable alternative.

Outcome- Our efforts ensure your visit is as smooth and efficient as possible.  It allows the specialist the time needed to determine a solution to your concern, not spend the visit figuring out why you are there.  Our efforts often reduce the number of visits you need to see them.



Proactive approach toward more good years

Chronic diseases like cancer, dementia and cardiovascular disease don’t develop overnight.  We discover the “engines” that drive these diseases, which are often asymptomatic.  Examples are pre-diabetes, systemic inflammation, periodontal infection, sleep apnea, and others.  They hammer on arteries, organs and your brain of their unknowing victim for years, even decades before you have any idea they exist.

Extend your “healthspan” and be one of those who has a healthy brain, is productive, traveling and active into their 80s, 90s and even 100s! 


Scientifically sound but underutilized 21st technology

Our methods enable you to:

  • Find and treat very early arterial plaque that causes the unsuspecting 40 year-old to have a heart attack.
  • Identify pre-diabetes, which is the leading contributor to dementia and cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and stillbirth/preterm labor by finding oral bacteria you had no idea were entering your bloodstream and seeding disease at distant sites.
  • Find these silent engines of disease that led to your family history that you thought you were destined to follow.

You sleep with the peace-of-mind knowing that everything is being done to maximally reduce your risk of succumbing to devastating, career altering diseases that impact the emotional and financial health of your family.

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Personalized Medicine

No two people are alike.  Our method incorporates:

  • Genetic testing which can find combinations that place you at higher or lower risk of disease, helping to guide treatment decisions.
  • Body fat analysis.  Not all fat is bad! 
  • Cholesterol particle analysis.  Inflamed cholesterol even at normal levels is risky.  Large uninflamed cholesterol may be a minimal risk even if it is high.
  • A thorough search for root causes of disease.  We don’t simply treat with a pill.  There is usually a reason for high blood pressure and high blood sugar.  We look for their root causes.  Forcing down blood pressure and blood sugar with drugs may not address their underlying causes, leaving you at risk for disease.

You are treated as an individual at RHS.  Knowing your personal profile will help us determine whether medication is really necessary for abnormalities, and helps prioritize which of the many lifestyles are most important for you.



3rd Era Medicine

Revolutionary Health Services is a “3rd Era” of medical practice.  We place the patient at the center of care.  We assess your needs make recommendations, and mobilize a team specifically for you in an effort to proactively prevent disease.  Traditional 2nd Era medicine places the disease at the center of care and reactively treats it.  Unfortunately, when diseases like dementia, some cancers, and sudden death from a heart attack occur, there is no opportunity to treat.

Many people don't realize they are on an unfortunate path to not-so-golden years, or worse yet, a tragic event like a heart attack at a seemingly young age.  We are able to identify silent problems very early while they are still treatable, and intervene in very specific ways based on your unique results.   

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Lengthen your Youthspan and your Healthspan

Much more important than your “lifespan” is your youthspan and your healthspan!  We all know people whose golden years aren't very golden because they are continuously combating poor health.

Lifespan- How many years you live

Youthspan- How many years you continue to feel young

Healthspan- How many years you remain healthy enough to enjoy life

“Anti-aging” is a billion-dollar industry where most efforts are aimed at covering up the effects of aging through skin products, supplements, energy boosters, hormone treatments, Botox, and plastic surgery.  These do nothing to improve your youthspan or healthspan!

The understanding of human genetics has made it clear that biological aging can be significantly slowed, and even reversed with the certain lifestyle changes.  Yes, you can feel and look younger from the inside, out!  The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself if simply given the chance, and now we know why.  This is real anti-aging!

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The 3 Eras of Medicine

  • 1st era of medicine: early man- 1950. The goal was to effectively prevent and treat infections. Immunizations and antibiotics largely accomplished that goal.
  • 2nd era of medicine: 1950-2010. The era of "Sick"care. The goal was to develop technology and treatments to treat chronic disease. We have very effectively done that but it is bankrupting our country and despite our best efforts, the life expectancy of Americans is decreasing and we are getting sick with diabetes, cancer, and heart disease at much younger ages.
  • 3rd era of medicine: Now. The goal is to actually empower people to create health. They feel better, get off some medication and supplements, and prevent disease from starting. The 3rd era of medicine gives an individual the opportunity for more good years! Health in our country is declining rapidly. In the past 10 years, tools have been developed that can help people actually create health. RHS offers the tools.


"On behalf of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) I commend Dr. Charles Whitney for his opinions expressed in the August 2012 issue of Dentistry Today..... relationship between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease..... It is important that both the dental and medical communities heed Dr. Whitney's advice:  that more emphasis, not less, should be placed on promoting periodontal health in an effort to help our patients lead truly healthy lives" 
Pamela K. McClain, DDS  
President, American Academy of Periodontology


Complimentary Consultation & Tour

We invite you to invest 30 minutes of your time for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Whitney to address your health care questions. At that time, We’ll also give you a personal tour of the practice.  Be assured, it will be time well spent. 

To schedule your private consultation and tour, call 215.321.1371 or We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

1121 General Washington Memorial Blvd. Washington Crossing, PA 18977